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I am a musician at heart.

When I was a kid, my parents plunked me into my crib and put on a stack of records to keep me company. I remember staring at the spinning vinyl for hours on end and just taking in the sounds that came from it.

Today, I consider myself to be a jack of all trades type of guy. However, my life is centered around music. As a keyboardist and singer, I was thrust into the world of performing, but truth be told, I'm an introvert at heart who has found his calm place to be behind a microphone in a booth or editing away at an audio of video project.

I also read the encyclopedia for fun as a kid, so I also have random bits of knowledge about anything and everything stored in various places of my operating system. Not enough to be a winner on Jeopardy, but enough to solve a lot of my friends' life and tech problems.

A little bit about me

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