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Voice and Piano Lessons

I've been fascinated by vocal and piano pedagogy since I studied them at the University of Southern California, and I am passionate about showing students that they're capable of developing skills which they never thought they could acquire. I've been teaching privately for more than 20 years, both in person as well as via internet. (Via

I've been a proud and active member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing  (NATS) since 2006, and stay up to date on all the changing styles and methods for classical and Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM), fully believing that cross-training across all genres creates a healthy and well-balanced vocal mechanism. My voice students and clients have appeared on and off Broadway, opera houses, in national tours, regional, community and school theaters and as on-camera and off-camera singing talent for movies and television shows.

Interested in studying with me? Email me at and let's set up a consultation.

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